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Multi-region online platform for audit records.

Barri’s purpose is to provide non-banking financial services of superior quality,

convenience and value directed at the US Hispanic population.

About Barri

Barri began as a family business founded in 1984. For many years, its stores were located in the city of Houston serving a small segment of the Hispanic community in Texas. Until 2006 when a group of investors saw the great opportunity for growth and development that the company offered.

Main challenge

The main challenge is to design a solution capable of connecting to different SAP instances for different geographic regions and maintaining a single portal.

Technology Stack

  • Front end: Node.js, React Web, CSS, HTML 5, Lingui JS,  (React components such as React Router, React Table, React Side bar).
  • Back end: Node.js with Sequelize and Tedious for database connection, SQL Server for data persistence.,  and other Node.js components like Deep Equal, JSON Web Token, CORS.

The Challenge

The main challenge was to design a solution that was capable of creating an audit with different types of questions and answers, in addition to building a database structure that would support different types of answers, such as open questions, multiple choice, multiple correct choice, etc.

The solution

We execute a custom project with an intuitive and modern design for the platform, based on agile methodologies. We also use the best practices of user experience and user interface in order to generate a platform that meets the business requirements in the most intuitive way for the user.

The Results

Not only did it result in an innovative platform with an attractive visual design for users, it also brought the company a complete and balanced solution between technological innovation and digitalization of the manual processes that are currently carried out in audits.

Cloud Technology

  • AWS Cloudfront: Securely deliver content with low latency and high transfer speeds
  • AWS Lambda: Run code without thinking about servers or clusters
  • AWS DynamoDB: Fast, flexible NoSQL database service for single-digit millisecond performance at any scale
  • API Gateway: Create, maintain and secure APIs at any scale

AWS Services for CI/CD

There is a Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery process, with AWS cloud services that includes:

  • CodeCommit
  • Code Build
  • Code Deploy
  • S3
  • Cloud Formation

We where able to rapidly deploy new functionalities which are automatically and iteratively delivered as they become available.

Benefits of using AWS

You may use AWS to explore and innovate more quickly by leveraging the latest technology. We're always speeding up our innovation to create whole new technologies that you may employ to revolutionize your company. AWS, for example, pioneered serverless computing with AWS Lambda, which allows Blue People developers to run code without having to setup or manage servers.

“Team blue people has taken our dreams and turned them into realities, excellent understanding of our needs and self management derived in results and efficiency for us!”

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