Staff augmentation

A solution for software development projects that allows you to add on-demand talent to your team. This helps firms to increase project development scalability and efficiency.

¡Yep! match me with an  amazing Dev

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The appropriate developer, time, price and location.

Face the shortage of awesome developers

with our mix of exceptional talent, lower rates, real-time collaboration, and close teaming proximity.



Integrate exceptional software developers quickly to boost your team's capability and bring value to your project.



With on-demand software developers, you may scale up or down your development team as needed.


Speed and Value

Time is a precious commodity. Agile developers should aim to get valuable product features into the hands of customers as rapidly as possible.

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about Blue People.

"Blue People managed to find the perfect balance between first class service and quality, they have become without a doubt a trusted strategic partner as we face new and increasingly challenging technological endeavors."

- Alejandro A. Artexa

“Team blue people has taken our dreams and turned them into realities, excellent understanding of our needs and self management derived in results and efficiency for us!”

- Eugenio. Flight Center

"Blue people has donde a good job to correctly develop one of our systems, they used current technologies as agreed in the proposal and the development followed the plan according to the agreed iterations. We will continue working with them! "

- Alberto Peralles. Ion Financiera

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