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As a business investment, migrating to the cloud is a wise choice. It can improve your overall company performance while cutting costs. Where many companies fall short is the lack of staff, cloud migration tools, and processes that will ensure a quick and cost effective migration.

Blue People, one of the top cloud migration companies in Houston, has come to change the way these services are offered. We utilize our staff’s vast knowledge and experience to help companies accelerate the migration process while planning for later scaling, navigating cost effective options, and avoiding potential issues.

We take an individualized approach to cloud strategy consulting by deeply analyzing the requirements of your business and creating solutions accordingly. With our team and their expertise, along with your team and business requirements, we’re able to craft your cloud with security, scalability, and efficiency in mind.

By leveraging our full suite of consulting services, you will not only increase the speed of migration, but you’ll find less road blocks. We offer a flexible and comprehensive approach to cloud migration.
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Why Utilize a Cloud Migration Company?

Blue People specializes in cloud transformations. By leveraging our full suite of consulting services, you will not only increase the speed of migration, but you’ll find less road blocks. We offer a flexible and comprehensive approach to cloud migration. With our cloud consulting, you’ll find your company benefiting from:

  • Improved ease of management
  • Preparation for scale
  • More efficient workflows
  • Better employee compliance
  • Significant measurable progress
  • Streamlined strategies, tools, algorithms, and more
  • Easy access to analytics with custom dashboards
  • Enhanced automation processes
  • + More

Our Blue People Migration Process

Our cloud consulting process begins with learning the requirements unique to your business. Based on our in-depth interview, we are able to create a solution that not only provides a solution for now, but is flexible for scaling as your business needs evolve. Our team will create a custom cloud solution that surpasses your standards for security, cost effectiveness, compliance, and performance.

Here’s how we implement this process in just 4 simple steps:

1. Background Information:

Before we can complete the migration process, we must collect a variety of necessary data and information about your existing systems and technology requirements. This will allow us to have a deep understanding of your company’s goals and complete the setup in a timely manner.

2. Assess & Approach:

After gaining the basic knowledge of your company’s needs and current statuses, we can complete a thorough inspection of your technology and systems. From there, we can identify any gaps that need improvement and develop our custom approach.

3. Recommend & Plan:

After a thorough assessment and review, we can then make recommendations for how to approach the migration and architecture. Once we receive approval, we will create an action plan to follow to ensure timeliness in each phase.

4. Execute & Evolve:

After a plan and timeline is created, this is where you can let us handle the rest. Our team of professionals will execute the suggested changes and implement any agreed upon architecture updates. From there, we will evolve the final solution based on global best practices and necessary improvements.

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Speed and Value

Time is a precious commodity. Agile developers should aim to get valuable product features into the hands of customers as rapidly as possible.

Enhanced Public and Private Cloud Security

With most modern businesses transitioning to operating from the cloud, the cloud environment is becoming more advanced. To receive the full benefits of the migration, your cloud should be developed to evolve with your business needs.
As technology continues to advance, security features must also improve. With Blue People, you can rest assured that you will not only have a smooth migration, but you will also have a complete cloud security transformation. Our services will allow you to:

  • Identify potential cloud model threats and risks
  • Improve your cloud security, monitoring, and visibility 
  • Upgrade to the most current security solutions
  • Improve regulatory compliance
  • Identify security gaps and decrease potential threats 
  • + More

We not only strive to create a smooth cloud migration experience, but to supply the

highest grade security features possible.

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"Blue People managed to find the perfect balance between first class service and quality, they have become without a doubt a trusted strategic partner as we face new and increasingly challenging technological endeavors."

- Alejandro A. Artexa

“Team blue people has taken our dreams and turned them into realities, excellent understanding of our needs and self management derived in results and efficiency for us!”

- Eugenio. Flight Center

"Blue people has done a good job to correctly develop one of our systems, they used current technologies as agreed in the proposal and the development followed the plan according to the agreed iterations. We will continue working with them!"

- Alberto Peralles. Ion Financiera

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