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A Blue Approach to

Software Development in Houston

As one of the leading software development companies in Houston, Blue People has radically improved the expectations of the development industry. With the most innovative development solutions available, you’ll find that your company truly has a competitive advantage when working with us.

Our team of developers with their broad range of expertise and experience allows us to excel in serving our clients in varying industries. No training is required - you simply tell us what you’re looking for, and we provide the rest.

The Blue People Process

to Software Development

Our developers follow a proven process that utilizes UI to create a personalized user experience. This team of experts begins their process with industry research, and then they will discuss with you a custom strategy for development based on your business’ needs.



Blue People is a Houston software development company that utilizes UX, or User Experience, to create an enjoyable experience with the user in mind. We begin the process by understanding the goals and scope of the project for your business. This allows us to create an information architecture that will further enhance the user’s experience within your software



DevOps is a set of practices and tools established between software development and IT teams to further automate and integrate the process. We feel that this is important throughout the process to deliver high quality custom software that you can trust. We take pride in the result of our products - productivity, confidentiality, and scalability.


Enhanced Security:

You can rest assured that your software is secure. Our team of experts periodically perform security audits, risk assessments, vulnerability and security scanning, and more to ensure your software is safe from cyber threats. We perform these tests during each phase of development to identify any possible loopholes before the product is complete. This results in a quicker time to market and higher ROI for your business.


Quality Assurance:

Our team of experts would not be complete without our Quality Assurance experts. They are responsible for setting quality standards at the beginning of each project to ensure provision of quality as well as productivity. With each phase of Quality Assurance Management, we have briefs to ensure we hit development checkpoints every time. With these frequent checks and briefs, we are able to provide more trials for your software.


Support & Maintenance:

As your partner in Houston software development, we understand the importance of maintaining a competitive advantage by staying up to date with current trends. When you partner with Blue People, you will not only have support during the creation process, but our Support Team will assist you in resolving any issues and continue to enhance your software.

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With on-demand software developers, you may scale up or down your development team as needed.

Speed and Value

Time is a precious commodity. Agile developers should aim to get valuable product features into the hands of customers as rapidly as possible.

Work with Local Custom Software Development Company in Houston

Why settle for “good enough?” Working with the best software development company Houston has to offer will not only bring you exceptional results, but you’ll find that you’re able to focus instead on what you do best - running your business.

Our innovative and creative engineers not only design well, but they embrace custom software development for each client individually. We believe that every business is unique, and you should have software that truly meets your business’ needs.

Custom Software Development for Any Industry

  • Insurance
  • Healthcare
  • Restaurants and cafes
  • Beauty 
  • Education
  • Transportation
  • Finance
  • Entertainment
  • Real estate
  • + More


Cloud Native Deployment

Cloud native applications are changing the way businesses operate today. This approach to development is based on building and updating apps quickly, improving the quality, and reducing overall risk of breach.

Cloud native development allows for building and running applications that are responsive, scalable, and will truly achieve maximum efficiency within your business


Native Mobile Development

Having your app available worldwide will help you reach more users, but the issue is that apps must be built differently for different mobile operating systems.

We utilize native mobile development, which involves building apps for each particular mobile operating system. This allows your target audience to access your app from any app store (Apple App Store or Google Play Store).


Web Application Development

Many companies are opting for this option today because web apps do not require downloading and frequent updating from an app store.
This type of application has a shorter development life cycle and can be achieved with a small development team.

If your company is looking to have an application developed in a short time frame and on a smaller budget, a web application may be the way to go.

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"Blue People managed to find the perfect balance between first class service and quality, they have become without a doubt a trusted strategic partner as we face new and increasingly challenging technological endeavors."

- Alejandro A. Artexa

“Team blue people has taken our dreams and turned them into realities, excellent understanding of our needs and self management derived in results and efficiency for us!”

- Eugenio. Flight Center

"Blue people has done a good job to correctly develop one of our systems, they used current technologies as agreed in the proposal and the development followed the plan according to the agreed iterations. We will continue working with them!"

- Alberto Peralles. Ion Financiera

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