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Staff Augmentation 2022

Although staff augmentation is not a new business concept, it has quickly gained popularity in recent years, particularly during the Covid-19 pandemic with severe restrictions. Globalization, remote work, and advanced technological trends have also inspired companies to focus on remote staff augmentation.

What is staff augmentation? What are the advantages of IT staff augmentation? How to choose a reliable and cost-effective staff augmentation partner? Today's article will answer these questions and give you essential details to make an informed decision and achieve your goals.

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What is Staff augmentation?

Generally, staff augmentation is a human resource (HR) outsourcing strategy. Businesses in various industries, including the IT sector, collaborate or hire IT staff augmentation services based on their specific requirements to streamline the entire project, increase productivity, and improve the business's bottom line.

IT staff augmentation is a cutting-edge hiring model that focuses on remote work. It allows a business to establish a team of experienced IT professionals, including web designers, developers, software coding experts, and application testers.

Your IT partner will manage and maintain staff augmentation and take care of legal processes, including official employment, taxes, and insurance. Let us now discuss the benefits of IT staff augmentation.

Advantages of IT Staff Augmentation

There are numerous benefits of having an IT staff augmentation partner. For instance, you can increase your team's capacity and flexibility. The IT experts will collaborate, share extensive knowledge, incorporate evidence-based strategies that align with your project goals, and achieve higher productivity. In addition, you can secure your intellectual property rights because the project's team will work dedicatedly and devotedly to streamline the entire process. So, if you want to close the skill gap in the on-premises IT team, you can rely on IT staff augmentation with a team of experienced professionals to meet your business objectives.

Moreover, IT staff augmentation services are directly proportional to saving money, resources, and time because it enables you to hire IT experts on short notice. Likewise, you can reduce your operational costs by mitigating factors like office rent, equipment, and utility bills.

Tips for Choosing the Best Staff Augmentation Partner

There are thousands of IT and technical staff augmentation services worldwide. Each company offers a unique service that may or may not align with your business goals. Therefore, most businesses find it challenging to make an informed decision and choose a staff augmentation partner that optimizes the project and its processes. Here are a few practical tips to get the job done.

Evaluate Your Staffing Requirements

Whether looking for a product designer, web designer, front-end or back-end developer, or web analytics team, you must evaluate your business requirements, analyze your objectives, and determine whether they align with the augmentation service you want to hire. We recommend consulting your HR team, executives, and managers to discuss the requirements, collect essential information, analyze it, and generate valuable insight to make an informed decision. The purpose is to identify areas of the project that need specific skill sets.

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Review the Staffing Partner's Credentials

Once you have analyzed your business or project requirements, it is time to review the staffing partner's credentials, including work history, experience, previous projects, clients, and success rate. We suggest asking the potential staffing partner to provide you with a list of previous clients. You can consult the previous clients and determine their satisfaction levels. Besides, review the agency's work portfolio and look for online reviews on its official website and third-party review sites. Find out what other people say about the staff or technical augmentation service.

Assess Communication Strategies

What are the communications strategies your potential staffing partner uses? You can consider the service if the communication technology and protocols are clearly defined, simple-to-use, intuitive, and result-driven.
The purpose is to ensure continuous connectivity between you and the hired team, receive project updates, review the progress, and share/receive knowledge or insights regardless of the time zone.

Analyze Security Protocols

Security is one of the most significant concerns for businesses when hiring staff augmentation services. We recommend analyzing the security protocols of your potential staff augmentation partner, determining whether it has thoroughly screened its personnel, and assessing its cyber security tools and data safety protocols.


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