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10x your time to market by implementing DevOps strategy into your software development, IT operations, and customer feedback.

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Transform Your Business by Partnering with Expert DevOps Consultants

Working with DevOps consultants will automate your processes for infrastructure deployment. As your innovation time increases and time-to-market decreases, you’ll notice improvements in efficiency and collaboration. While these are the most common benefits, here is what you can expect when working with a premium DevOps consultancy:

  • Creation of a cohesive team environment with efficient processes, shared roles and tasks, and prompt delivery
  • Overall reduction in failures and errors that occur during testing
  • Strong source control with automated monitoring and flexibility in Cloud computing
  • Detailed service architecture and speedy execution

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Integrate exceptional software developers quickly to boost your team's capability and bring value to your project.


With on-demand software developers, you may scale up or down your development team as needed.

Speed and Value

Time is a precious commodity. Agile developers should aim to get valuable product features into the hands of customers as rapidly as possible.

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"Blue People managed to find the perfect balance between first class service and quality, they have become without a doubt a trusted strategic partner as we face new and increasingly challenging technological endeavors."

- Alejandro A. Artexa

“Team blue people has taken our dreams and turned them into realities, excellent understanding of our needs and self management derived in results and efficiency for us!”

- Eugenio. Flight Center

"Blue people has done a good job to correctly develop one of our systems, they used current technologies as agreed in the proposal and the development followed the plan according to the agreed iterations. We will continue working with them!"

- Alberto Peralles. Ion Financiera

The Blue People Advantage

Our team collaborates closely with your core team and share responsibilities to reach your end goal faster. With combined workflows, we will create an environment of teamwork that also saves time and improves efficiency.

Working with Blue People will not only improve productivity, but you’ll find these benefits as well:



Improving efficiency within your workflows means that your team will be moving at a high velocity. This model allows your developers and operations teams to create for customers quickly, adapt to changes within the market, and drive results for your business quickly. With enhanced production speed, you’ll notice an improvement in time-to-market.



Maintaining a positive experience for your users and customers is crucial. Utilizing a DevOps model will ensure quality of your application and infrastructure changes so your delivery system is reliable every time.



With automation and consistency in place, you will be able to operate and manage your processes at scale. Establishing automated systems will help you manage them with reduced risk.


Improved Collaboration:

Utilizing a DevOps model will allow you to build effective teams, because the cultural values emphasize ownership and accountability. Team members will collaborate closely and share responsibilities. With combined workflows, you will create an environment of teamwork that also saves time and improves efficiency.


Enhanced Security:

Adopting a DevOps model means you can improve your company efficiency without sacrificing security. Utilizing automated compliance policies, controls, and configuration techniques will allow your team to move quickly while preserving compliance.

Premium DevOps Consultancy

As one of the top DevOps service providers, Blue People strives to create an environment of collaboration and cooperation. To create an effective collaboration between the development and operations teams, Blue People abides by best practices to help your company improve all around.

Automated Testing

We provide automated testing regularly throughout the development process thanks to our DevOps team. This ensures any problems that may arise during the process are fixed right away. Automated testing shortens the software development life cycle.

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Continuous Integration

Continuous integration is the practice of regularly updating the code changes and automated testing to carry out integrations frequently. This practice helps improve team collaboration and facilitates building high-quality software products through receiving immediate feedback.

Automated Dashboards

Automated dashboards allow us to monitor analytics of operations from testing. These include test durations, number of tests run, and the number of successes and failures. With the automated feature, we can look into data insights in real-time.

What is DevOps?

DevOps is used in a business environment to improve the work environment and overall company efficiency. DevOps is a set of cultural philosophies, practices, and tools that are designed to ultimately bring better products to a company’s customer at a faster pace.

A DevOps model is utilized so that development and operations teams are no longer isolated, but combined. The two teams are merged into a single team to create a seamless application process throughout the entire lifecycle.

Some DevOps teams may also incorporate quality assurance and security teams to create a complete application development team. If security is the primary concern of the team, it may also be referred to as DevSecOps.

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