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Welcome to Blue People—a leader in nearshore software development solutions in Houston, TX. In the age of digitization, choosing the right tools and technologies for your business is crucial. We understand this and are here to guide you through this technical landscape, ensuring success at every step.

Our range of services, supported by Microsoft Azure, will empower you to achieve unmatched efficiency, security, and scalability. As a trusted partner for businesses and corporations, we adopt a client-centered approach in designing innovative software solutions, perfectly calibrated to your business needs.

Our team of expert nearshore developers harnesses the power of Microsoft Azure—a top-tier cloud computing platform known for its robust capabilities in building, deploying, and managing applications and services.

Azure's advanced features provide a perfect nexus of functionality and flexibility, a combination that pushes the boundaries of what's achievable in your business. With Blue People providing the expertise and Azure, the technology, you're geared up to meet the complex demands of modern business landscapes.

We combine our many years of experience with Azure's agility to provide dynamic software solutions. Whether it's developing cloud strategies, designing scalable applications, or ensuring secure data storage, we are at the forefront, leveraging the full power of Azure to drive your business into the future.

Our commitment is clear: we aim for excellence in everything we do and strive to exceed your expectations every time. When you choose Blue People, you're not just choosing a service—you're investing in a partnership dedicated to growth, innovation, and success. Trust us to guide your business towards thriving in a digital age with Microsoft Azure!

Microsoft Azure Solutions for Any Industry

Transitioning to Microsoft Azure in your business will yield a quick return on investment - especially with the help of Azure consultants. With a full migration, optimization, and scaling plan in place, your industry will have a seamless transition and Azure experience. This scalable and cost-effective option is a great solution for most industries, including:

  • Healthcare
  • Financial services
  • Government
  • Retail
  • Manufacturing
  • + More

Why Utilize Microsoft Azure Partners?

Azure advanced specialization partners and Azure Expert Managed Service Providers (MSPs) are trustworthy team members. As a certified Azure partner, Blue People fulfilled rigorous technical validation to validate our team skills and services. We continue to further our education and knowledge based with Azure to ensure success.

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The Blue People Difference

The Blue People team comprises highly skilled, certified Azure experts. We can help you manage and monitor your cloud deployments, migration, implementation, and more. We as a team are fully committed to fully leverage all of the benefits you’ll receive with Microsoft Azure.

  • Application development
  • Cloud readiness assessment and planning
  • Data resilience planning and implementation
  • Cloud governance and service management platform
  • Cloud migration
  • Data, analytics, and AI
  • IaaS and PaaS management
  • Networking, load balancing, and firewall management
  • Regulatory compliance solutions
  • Design, architecture, and migration services
  • Proactive monitoring and incident response


Why Blue People Azure Services?

Our Microsoft Azure services have been transforming businesses by streamlining operations, enhancing security, and driving overall growth. We pride ourselves on our proficiency in employing Azure's next-gen cloud computing platform to unlock tremendous potential for businesses.

Our Azure expertise includes working with a plethora of resources and services such as Azure Active Directory, Azure SQL database, Azure DevOps, and Azure App services among others. We create robust cloud architecture strategies, ensuring a seamless migration of your technology infrastructure with minimal disruptions. We also offer end-to-end application development and management, utilizing Azure's highly scalable platform for your storage, computing, and networking needs.

Get the Azure Advantage with Blue People

Microsoft Azure is a powerhouse, hosting a comprehensive suite of tools and capabilities that make it stand apart. It is trusted worldwide for optimizing business processes, integrating applications, and creating an efficient digitized environment.

With Azure, businesses can manage data effectively with highly secure SQL databases and data lakes. Azure machine learning allows businesses to leverage big data analytics, gaining insights to drive growth.

Azure facilitates easy integration with present IT environments, reducing the risks associated with shifting to a cloud-based model. It provides scalability, allowing businesses to grow or scale back as required. Azure also guarantees unparalleled security measures, protecting your critical business data.

How Blue People Powers Your Business with Azure?

As seasoned experts, we offer Microsoft Azure services centered around the needs of your business. Our team proficiently plans and initiates cloud migration, ensuring the smooth transition and integration of your systems into the Azure cloud ecosystem.

Our Azure development services include creating bespoke applications, suited for your business. With Azure DevOps, our team ensures quicker delivery of high-quality software. We maximize storage capabilities and security by leveraging Azure's scalable storage solutions.

We optimize business operations and decision-making by harnessing the power of Azure's Big Data and Analytics capabilities. Using Azure machine learning, we enable your business to make data-driven decisions, improving your business efficiency and effectiveness in the marketplace.

Partner with Blue People to Quicken your Steps to Digitization

As the digital landscape shifts rapidly, businesses need to keep pace to stay relevant and competitive. Moving to a cloud-based computing platform is the way forward, and Microsoft Azure leads the pack. And when it comes to implementing Azure solutions, you want to be in the hands of experts who understand your business and its needs.

When you choose Blue People's Nearshore Software Development Solutions powered by Microsoft Azure, you’re positioning your business for exponential growth in an increasingly connected world.

Get Ready for a Dynamic Future with Blue People and Microsoft Azure!

Are you ready to take a step ahead into the future of business? The leadership and technical expertise at Blue People, combined with the power of Microsoft Azure, provide an unbeatable path to digital transformation. Imagine leveraging the security, scalability, and limitless potential offered by cloud computing.

Take advantage of big data insights, agile application development, and a connected workforce, with close proximity to our headquarters, ensuring you get the best possible outcome for your project.

Partner with Blue People today! Let us create a tailored solution for you, bridging today's needs with tomorrow's possibilities. Contact us now and let’s start building a thriving business in the digital world together!

Why Partner with Blue People?

At Blue People, we care about your experience. You’ll not only receive the premium service of certified Azure partners, but you’ll be treated like family. We strive to treat your company like our own and ensure the best possible outcomes.

20+ Years of Experience

Blue People has a global network of team members with over 20 years of experience. As a designated Azure Expert Managed Service Provider, we can assure that you will receive timely, quality service.

Better Performance

Improve your performance and further enhance the benefits of Microsoft Azure for a complete IT transformation. With our team by your side, you’ll be able to free up internal developers for more innovation.

Strategic Advisors

Meet with strategic advisors who are specialized in their field to advise your organization. Create a cloud management plan and learn the best practices for your company to fully utilize the Azure features available.

Cost Optimization

Working with a certified Azure Expert Managed Service Provider will provide you with the benefit of fully optimizing your deployment and costs.

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"Blue People managed to find the perfect balance between first class service and quality, they have become without a doubt a trusted strategic partner as we face new and increasingly challenging technological endeavors."

- Alejandro A. Artexa

“Team blue people has taken our dreams and turned them into realities, excellent understanding of our needs and self management derived in results and efficiency for us!”

- Eugenio. Flight Center

"Blue people has done a good job to correctly develop one of our systems, they used current technologies as agreed in the proposal and the development followed the plan according to the agreed iterations. We will continue working with them!"

- Alberto Peralles. Ion Financiera

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