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Design Thinking is a human-centered approach to problem-solving that has gained widespread acceptance in software development. Its emphasis on understanding human needs and desires and its iterative and collaborative nature can lead to better software products.

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We serve as your trusted partner for nearshore software development solutions in Houston, TX. We boast an impressive track record of delivering high-quality, tailor-made software solutions for businesses across diverse industries. Our unique approach merges traditional software development methodologies with the principle of design thinking, leading to unmatched, human-centric outcomes. Our passion and dedication lie in creating not only practical but also innovative solutions that perfectly align with business needs and user expectations.

Our secret sauce is Design Thinking—a dynamic,

human-centric methodology that shapes how we design, create, test, and implement software solutions. It's not just about coding and creating software; it’s about understanding your needs, your users, and your context. It’s about fostering a culture of innovation, where every challenge is seen as an opportunity to create a more effective solution. Thanks to this approach, we've redefined problem-solving and earned our place as leading nearshore software developers in Houston and beyond.

Design thinking allows our expert development team to step into the shoes of end-humans, ensuring every line of code contributes to a more engaging, intuitive, and satisfying user experience.

Through this understanding, our designs are not just technologically sound but are also usable, effective, and successful in the real world.

Let us be your guide on this exciting journey of harnessing design thinking in your software development process. Stand out from the competition, and elevate your business to unprecedented heights with tailor-made software solutions that mirror your unique business DNA and unlock the full potential of your team. Your journey to software excellence starts here!

Discover the Power of Design Thinking

We've cultivated a proven process that incorporates the pillars of design thinking for software development lifecycle.

It comprises five stages: Empathize, Define, Ideate, Prototype, Test, and Implement.

It combines creative and critical thinking, allowing you to organize ideas, make decisions, improve situations and obtain learning.

01 Design Thinking Report

Empathize stage involves a deep assessment to truly understand your business, goals, and user base. We focus on assessing your current landscape, identifying gaps, and gaining an understanding of your organizational vision. This empathetic view allows us to create highly tailored software solutions that truly resonate with your customers.

02 Architecture Definition

Define phase refines this empathy to construct an insightful, human-centered problem statement. This clear definition allows us to hone our development focus into a razor-sharp vision, paving the way for efficient and effective software creation.

The practice of using managed services with event-driven compute functions to avoid or minimize infrastructure management, configuration, operations, and idle capacity.
The practice of using managed services with event-driven compute functions to avoid or minimize infrastructure management, configuration, operations, and idle capacity.

03 Requirements and estimations

Our team, leveraging their vast industry experience and cutting-edge tech know-how, works collaboratively to generate a range of innovative, strategic ideas that can address your specific problem. Our goal isn't just to solve your issues but to propel your business to the next level.

04 Web or Mobile Prototypes

Utilizing accelerated prototyping efforts, we create scalable, user-friendly platforms that not only meet but exceed expectations. We encourage continuous feedback and iterations, creating a continuous loop of validation and improvement.

Unlike in the world of inbound marke- ting and content-driven lead nurtu- ring, there aren’t a LOT of actionable guides around effective outbound strategies & the art of crafting such sequences.

05 Testing and Implementation.

Here, we're not just seeking bugs or performance issues. We're holistically validating the solution against the initial problem statement drawn in the Define phase. It's a powerful testament to our design thinking-driven approach, providing solutions that are as user-friendly as they are technologically advanced.

Harnessing Design Thinking

We believe in 'software with a soul.' Every line of code is meticulously crafted, every interface compassionately designed, and every function effectively driven towards meeting your business goals and user needs. With our design thinking for software development approach, we've successfully turned many complex problems into simple, smart solutions for our clients.

Innovation lies at the core of our work. We aim to consistently stay ahead of the curve, adopting industry trends, and advancements to ensure quality and timeliness for our deliverables. All of this is housed within a collaborative, transparent, and results-driven environment.

Elevate Your Business with Blue People

Are you looking for a transformative, Design Thinking-driven software development approach that yields superior outcomes? Then look no further. Leverage Blue People’s expertise in human design thinking and nearshore software solutions that brings your business vision to life in innovative, powerful ways.

Step into the future of software development with our unique approach, backed by a team of seasoned professionals dedicated not just to producing high-grade software but understanding and tailoring solutions to your unique business needs and user expectations.

Embrace the power of design thinking for human today.

Discover your untapped potential, drive your business growth, boost your market competitiveness, enhance your customer experience, and revel in the delivery of high-performances, user-friendly software solutions, tailored just for you.

Ready to start your journey? Contact Blue People today and let’s revolutionize your software development process, together. Your success is just a click away!

Discover some of our success stories.


Create a user-friendly interface where customers and housekeepers can schedule appointments and browse profiles ensuring a hassle-free and personalized cleaning experience.


Create a simple-to-use restaurant management platform for new businesses to have their own personalized experience.


Create a tool for users to submit requests for advice, review, and document generation as if they hire a personal accounting advisory service.

Looking to hire a software development team that utilizes design thinking to create. User-centered software solutions?

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