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Nearshore outsourcing means delegating software development or certain tasks to companies located in geographical proximity to your country. 


When you hire a Nearshore Company, the difference between you and the contractor should be from 1 to 3 hours. This way, you have a minimal time difference and no communication barriers with a contractor.   


For companies in the U.S., nearshore outsourcing typically means sending work to software teams in Mexico. 

When a company decides to include an outsourcing provider for a short-term or long-term project, they must still make a few additional choices concerning how they'd like to outsource. They have to consider which location-based outsourcing type the company sees as the best fit for their partnership. It could be onshoring, offshoring, or nearshoring. 


If any company decides to use nearshore outsourcing, they hire a third party to do contracted work in a nearby country instead of overseas. Nearshore outsourcing is an excellent option for outsourcing since it allows for better communication and more streamlined integration. 


How Does Nearshore Outsourcing Work?

Nearshore outsourcing essentially serves as a middle ground between the onshore and offshore technology staffing approaches. As noted earlier, a nearshore software development team is generally located in the same time zone as your startup, perhaps in Mexico. This proximity helps support the necessary interaction between your nearshore and local teams. 

Benefits of Nearshore Software Development

The benefits seen after hiring a nearshore development team are many.  


Here are some reasons that will make you aware of the advantages that nearshoring software development brings to any company that chooses this type of outsourcing. 


This information aims to compare the advantages and creates a strategy that gives your business a greater chance of success with a Software Development company. 


Cost savings / Lower costs

Nearshore Outsourcing saves businesses in two significant ways:


First, the rates for Nearshore programming talent tend to be less expensive when compared to hiring in-house programmers located in the United States. 


Second, Nearshoring provides access to inexpensive IT talent with similar skills and experience as American technology professionals. 


Nearshore outsourcing costs tend to be lower than those of an onshore provider and are one of the biggest draws for organizations.  


Because the salaries tend to be lower in developing countries than those in developed countries despite the vast pool of talent, they can find development teams with specialized skill sets and can also make a contract with them at a fraction of the price of onshore developers. This strategy saves money on fees like overhead costs, an involved hiring process, benefits, training, and full-time salaries. 


Cultural Similarities

A significant reason why many businesses opt for nearshore software development outsourcing is that there tend to be more similarities in culture between people in neighboring countries than those countries on the other side of the globe. As a result, communication is more manageable, and work styles are more closely aligned. Consequently, there is a great partnership and ability to meet expectations. 



Access to Highly Qualified team of developers immediately

Nearshore programmers boast the same technical know-how and business acumen as developers in this country. Partnering with a Nearshore IT services provider gives you access to highly-qualified technical professionals as quickly as possible. They understand the latest software development methodologies and tools, so expect them to become a valuable part of your startup or business immediately. 


Time- zone aligned and physical proximity

Nearshore providers have an advantage aligned with their partners' time zones. Their work hours will overlap, facilitating better communication and collaboration. 


Because nearshore providers and their contracting organizations are so close, in-person meetings are likely possible. 


Faster response for growing your business

Working with a provider of nearshore developers supercharges your process, saving you time and money.  


Engaging with a nearshore development team offers the high velocity any Company needs for a genuine chance of survival and success. 


Integration with business

Some businesses already have a development team in-house. Still, they may be missing some key players or need an extra set of hands to work on specific projects or during a hectic period. A nearshore software outsourcing provider can often be helpful in these instances. They can assist with software development, quality assurance, and more. 


Many organizations appreciate having an outside team to integrate with and work alongside their team staff. In addition, it's a flexible model, and businesses can contract these services on an as-needed basis or as they scale their operations. 


Instant troubleshooting assistant

Staying in sync becomes nearly impossible when using an offshore development team on the other side of the planet.  


A nearshore team keeps the same hours as your local staff in your time zone. 


As many famous companies, including IBM, Tesla, Johnson & Johnson, Google, Porsche, and EY, are selecting nearshore software development outsourcing as the solution to fill their needs, nearshore software development services are becoming more popular. Customers use nearshore outsourcing to receive top-quality results from nearshore software developers located in countries with no time or little time differences. 


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