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What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is the distribution of IT resources on demand over the Internet and networks, through a pay-per-use scheme (structure). Instead of having physical servers or data centers, cloud computing now gives you access to technology services, such as computing capacity, storage, and databases, based on your needs through a cloud provider such as Amazon Web Services (AWS).

The great help of cloud computing

 Thanks to the cloud, we can speed up everything related to COVID-19. That is to say that with the cloud we have everything in order about all the data of the people, easy to search and to know how to put the vaccine and all the instructions. The whole process is very easy thanks to the cloud.

 Also, the well-known company IBM has developed Red Hat OpenShift. This is a virtual platform in the cloud that contains Kubernetes. Kubernetes is an open-source platform for container coordination. This goes for the enterprise with the complete automation process to manage hybrid cloud and multi-cloud deployments to help more people get vaccinated.

 Thanks to the cloud we have had more vaccinated (950,000+) people. The control and support that the cloud can give us is great.

 In Mexico right now, a big problem that is happening is that many people do not see that they have had both vaccines, due to a bad control of the stored data. But in the United States and some places in Mexico (few) are already using and taking advantage of the cloud computing to organize our vaccines and who is missing or who already has them.

Covid and his combat with the cloud.

Nowadays, companies such as Google, Amazon, Oracle, and IBM are considered leaders in advanced cloud technology, since currently, due to the COVID-19 virus contingency, it has become even more resistant in this area, since it has facilitated the work of employees to perform their jobs virtually and remotely. These companies have put forward an offer that allows them to solve the problems that may arise during vaccination. Google published its Intelligent Vaccine Impact (IVI) solution, which supports groups or communities to be able to apply the vaccine in a simpler and faster way, without putting the health of any individual at risk. The great leaders of advanced cloud technology have contributed greatly to the vaccination process, as well as assisting in every situation that arises.

When the program was launched, more than 4 million people registered and there were no glitches and in seconds you could have the information you wanted. This means that we can have a general order because of the cloud. In the future everything will have cloud computing because of its quality and agility.

The future with cloud computing

 The consulting firm projected that by 2023, cloud services will represent 46% of the budget allocated by companies to Information and Communications Technology (ICT).  During the pandemic the cloud has grown by 31% percent that is to say that before the pandemic the cloud was used for many things and many companies used it but during the pandemic because many people are working at home and companies need more order or manage more technology.

The cloud has come a long way in recent years,

it is literally the future.

So what are the advantages?

  • Faster processes
  • More effective organization
  • Stored information
  • No problems during vaccination
  • Immediate delivery

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