5 Significant challenges when implementing

Scrum or Agile practices

Currently, the agile methodology is very much adopted by many companies. They are using this agile methodology almost for all their operations. The current demand and use of this development technique show how useful and practical it is, in addition to the fact that it is, today, a trend.

Agile creation arises with the start set of principles for software development. Agile is a guiding term that includes more recognized project management frameworks for agile, including Scrum, Kanban, Lean, and XP.

Having mentioned Scrum, this is one of the most popular and trusted agile methodologies among product development teams. As agile teams come together in large or smaller organizations, they will always be successful if they implement agile practices like collaboration, daily interaction, individual motivation, and continuous improvement using professional tools, among others.

Reality of things

When a company or business already implements a specific methodology through particular software development and tries to adopt the Agile methodology, it can present some challenges.

The same goes for the implementation of Scrum.

The reality is that, like learning new things, there are always risks and a margin for error (the most feared). Challenge is everywhere. For example: Not adapting to newly released information, not being on the same page as stakeholders, not trusting the team to ideate and develop without supervision, and sitting down for sprint planning without enough information, are just some of the typical agile mistakes you can affront.

Adopting a new agile methodology, such as Scrum, requires reorganizing current processes, work patterns, and company culture.

Here are 5 challenges when implementing Scrum or Agile practices

Some challenges arise when implementing Scrum or Agile practices. Here are five of the most


Resisting changes

One of the biggest challenges any company can face, and one of the most important, is when an organizations internal system resists change.
This resistance can also be from an employee who refuses to change their working methods or
the way and tools they are familiar with.
As company employees develop work habits and patterns in traditional software
methodologies, they become resistant to any change around them.


Improved Efficiency

Understanding how Scrum Masters help their Scrum teams requires more than just understanding and following Agile rules and practices; it also requires a change in peoples mindsets.
Receptivity can be complicated depending on personalities and mindsets. Scrum-adopting organizations that still function and make decisions based on predictability and hierarchy hardly allow a Scrum Master to help with agile software. Remember that Scrum Masters are servant leaders who inspire and empower their teams to make decisions independently to ensure that teams have the resources available to complete their tasks and respond to unpredictable changes effectively.


Frequent regression cycles

Developers frequently add features to the product, continually causing delays in previous parts. In addition, these manual regression tests are not practical in a fast-paced agile environment. Another main challenge is that modern web applications behave differently depending on the devices or browsers, creating a complexity of compatibility test scenarios, which must be tested to ensure that the application works correctly.


Difficulty evaluating the agile implementation

One of the most difficult challenges companies or businesses face is evaluating the success of the Agile methodology. Since many companies have some established parameters to measure the success of Agile methods, for example: counting how many companies have recently
adopted Agile and how many projects are following the new methodology, among others, there are other ways of measuring this success. Companies should still count the number of customer escalations internally before and after the implementation and assess how the Agile implementation has helped them achieve the initial goals.


Poor team communication and collaboration (Separate team)

Communication plays a crucial role in human beings, such as in the Agile methodology. Team members must communicate consistently and efficiently for a project to run without delays. Agile teams need to be co-located in agile organizations so Agile can run more naturally

Scrums principles: Continuous teamwork improvement

Scrums principles are mainly applied to all kinds of teamwork, encouraging teams to work together and helping them to learn through self-organize while solving a problem. By defining your Scrum Team, (roles and such), limiting the length of sprints, organizing and becoming familiar with your product backlog, creating a plan to complete your first sprint, and using the past to improve the future, challenges that innovative methodologies like Agile and Scrum present, will no longer be challenged, but rather an advantage for the growth of your

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