Why Choose Nearshore over Offshore for your next

Software Development Project?

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Over the last 20 years, the business world has experienced incredible productivity gains, thanks mainly to the explosion of information technology. However, because information technology changes rapidly, companies are forced to keep up by constantly evaluating, upgrading, and replacing information technology.  


This dynamic has given rise to Outsourcing highly specialized services in Software Development.  

Offshore software development


Offshore software development occurs when businesses outsource work to a partner in a region with a completely different time zone than the company's headquarters. As a result, offshore developers may work from a remote location and are usually part of a large offshore development team.  


What happens when an organization decides to transfer work to companies from one country to another that has a considerably similar time zone?


Also known as Nearshore software development, nearshore development outsourcing means delegating business processes and software development tasks to businesses in neighboring countries to gain more control over operational expenditures. 


Nearshoring is an approach to business when a third-party company provides specific services from another geographic location that is relatively close to the company's area.  


Businesses that choose nearshore outsourcing are typically motivated by the high level of programming skills and the value it adds to software products.  


Nearshore outsourcing providers also usually have the language skills and cultural compatibility that makes close collaborations run smoothly. 

Why Choose Nearshore Over Offshore for your next software development project?

The first step to consider is the company's needs. 


There are two subsets of outsourcing: Offshoring and Nearshoring.  

Offshoring practices outsourcing to a third-party team in a geographically distant location, for example, from a headquarters in the U.S. to another in India.  


Nearshoring is when the unit is geographically close to a company's headquarters, usually in a related time zone or region, from the U.S. to Mexico, for example. 

Offshore outsourcing is considered a cheap option, which is the most significant advantage of this model. However, companies can encounter other challenges working with offshore parties, such as time, culture, experience, language, legal and tax issues, distance, etc. 


With the nearshoring model, you can still manage costs from the lower price compared to the offshoring model and, simultaneously, avoid the barriers and difficulties that offshore outsourcing may have. 

Advantages of Nearshore Software Development:

  • Working in the same or similar time zone.
  • Nearshore Software Development is cost-efficient.
  • Working in either the same or neighboring countries.
  • Easy communication and understanding 
  • Nearshore Software Development saves time and energy.


Almost every business, at some point, will outsource information technology functions, whether a small company outsources website design and development, or a large business outsources IT operations. Some severe benefits of outsourcing include lower costs, a continuous presence for clients or customers, or instant cohesive business access that delivers the required results. 

Any company can choose the best option for their development project by comparing the offshoring and nearshoring differences. 


Outsourcing Nearshore Software companies can help overcome workforce fluctuations and deliver faster results due to their expert distributed development teams who are highly experienced and the best in their field. 

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