Why is React so popular?

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A brief history of React

It all started when Facebook developers began to face some problems around 2011. As the Facebook app and ads increased functionality, more people were required to make it run
smoothly. The company began to take off due to the growing number of team members and the app's many features.

After some time, Facebook engineers couldn't keep up with the vast required updates. So, their Facebook app code started demanding an urgent upgrade to rely efficiently upon.
Here's when Jordan Walke comes into the story.

Jordan Walke is the Creator of ReactJS, who later walks away from Facebook. However, he was the one who released an early prototype of React called Jordan Walke was influenced by XHP, an HTML component library for PHP. At first, it was implemented on Facebook's News Feed in 2011 and on Instagram in 2012.

What is React? React is a library created to help developers build user interfaces (UIs) as a tree of small pieces called components. What is a component? A component combines HTML and JavaScript, capturing all the logic needed to display a more extensive user interface.

The first version of ReactJS was officially released to the world in 2013, and since, React has
taken the world by storm to become a modern and very popular JavaScript library.

Reasons why React is so popular

Here are some of the reasons why to use React. Gladly, you will understand why it's such a
popular library.


The biggest reason to choose React is that once you learn how to use it, you can create user
interfaces for various platforms and use cases. In addition, react is a very flexible library,
allowing it to evolve into a remarkably useful tool.


React DOM is another crucial element of React apps. ReactDOM is React's DOM engine that
makes it simple to write and pass data from JS to HTML, among others.
The Virtual DOM makes the app work faster. (When ReactJS was created, the designers
correctly predicted many remarkable benefits by updating old HTML code)

React is simple but powerful

Any company can adapt its requirements to the number of users that need to use the system,
the volume of data, and the functionality required by each business as it expands.
Cloud services such as SaaS offer high scalability, giving customers the option to access the
services they require.

React supports mobile development

React Native is growing notably and becoming a primary programming language for writing
native mobile apps. React developers can use these tools to build mobile apps using React

The learning steps

The learning steps for a new developer to get started with ReactJS are easy. It is enough to get
familiar with JS and HTML in the case of ReactJS.
Compared to AngularJS (whose process requires a lot of concepts), less experienced developers
find it much easier to learn with ReactJS.

React is easy to scale

React as a library is an ideal tool for scalability and various reasons. For example, React apps
efficiently scale to hundreds or even thousands of components. With React, developers can
build complex applications without unnecessary barriers. React is designed to be highly versatile and to easily integrate with other third-party libraries and frameworks within its technology stack.

Corporate Investment

Many high-level corporations and some recognition invest in React. React is used on Facebook
and is one of the most trafficked apps in the world today, as well as other Facebook properties,
such as Instagram and WhatsApp.

Due to Facebook's existing deep commitment to React, when significant changes occur in
React, Facebook has always provided code that automatically modifies that change.

SEO-friendly mechanism

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is essential if you want to increase traffic to your website.
ReactJS reaps SEO benefits by significantly reducing page load time through faster rendering

Technically speaking, ReactJS uses similar code for both the client and server-side components
allowing a website that uses it to compete for organic traffic. This last one is one of the
advantages over most other libraries or frameworks.

React was basically developed to create modern, fast, and interactive user interfaces for theWeb and has become the most popular JavaScript library for building web interfaces.Learning and writing React is very easy, just as it is equally easy to understand why it hasbecome such a popular tool. So, why not use React?

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