How to Find the Best Software Developers Amid Talent Shortage

In the current digital age, software development has become an increasingly important skill, with the demand for software developers and tech talent significantly exceeding the available supply. This has resulted in global software developers and tech talent shortages, which has had a major impact on businesses, employees, and the economy. This article will discuss the causes of the shortage, its implications for the industry, and where to find a developer for software. 


During the next ten years, 18.2 million IT-related jobs will go unfilled globally, according to the World Economic Forum's most recent assessment of the software developer shortfall. Furthermore, according to a 2020 Gartner poll, available IT roles are expected to climb to 5.5 million in 2025

According to the data, there is a persistent global shortage of software engineers and other digital skills, which is negative for the IT industry and the economy as a whole.


The expansion of the world economy is expected to be hampered by a shortage of software developers and other digital talents. All industries will be impacted by the lack of IT skills, which will increase revenue loss and postpone new efforts. 

According to a Gartner report, organizations may lose up to $1 million for each IT expert they cannot hire or keep, and the economy suffers a 5.4 billion dollar annual loss due to a lack of a qualified development team.

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Businesses that are expanding quickly and need to hire additional staff to keep up with the rapid growth of their respective industries are particularly affected by the IT skills shortage. 

The issue of a skills gap in the IT industry affects companies of all sizes and across all sectors. The absence of IT skills and software engineers impacts every firm, including those in healthcare, banking, autos, artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, and other industries. 

According to researchers at Willis Towers Watson, a lack of qualified applicants and a surge in turnover are making it difficult for businesses to find and keep employees. The lack of digital Talent offers significant hurdles for SMEs, who occasionally lack the resources to compete with larger companies for new personnel.


Salaries are rising due to a global shortage of a developer for software and digital specialists. For instance, the Dice Salary Survey stated that in 2021, average US wages increased by over 20%

Average American incomes have risen at the same rate through 2022 and are expected to continue this trend, whereas salaries abroad will likely rise by 20–25%. The overwhelming majority of HR professionals who deal with the issue daily agree with those startling findings.


A large number of smaller, fledgling enterprises employ this method. You can access talented software engineers for your project based on their training, experience, logic skills,  and competencies (programming language, soft skills) (software engineering degree). Usually, it's a contract position for specific projects. Your team will consist of individuals from around the world (different time zones, cultures, etc.).


Many businesses have relocated their whole IT departments to nations with larger talent pools and more affordable nearshore software development rates due to trends toward globalization and the ongoing skills gap. These businesses are called Nearshore development centers, R&D clusters, or IT hubs.  

Nearshore development centers may be established directly as subsidiaries or with assistance from specialized development companies (local IT partners sharing know-how and business connections). Two benefits of the second option are lower operational costs and access to larger teams of seasoned engineers who can quickly catch up with new technology or business processes without requiring long lead times.

The global software developers and tech talent shortage is a real challenge for businesses, especially in the IT sector. Despite an increase in software developers and tech professionals, the demand is still outpacing the supply. 

Companies struggle to find the right talent with the right skill set and experience to fill their positions. To overcome this challenge, organizations need to look beyond traditional recruitment methods and focus on building their talent pipelines. They must also create attractive career paths for software developers and tech professionals to encourage them to stay in the industry.

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